Soluzioni per la gestione e il monitoraggio delle prestazioni

Le soluzioni per la gestione e il monitoraggio delle prestazioni di Dell Software migliorano la soddisfazione degli utenti e garantiscono che le applicazioni e l'infrastruttura dei data center rispondano alle esigenze aziendali.


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Il valore dell'IT per l'azienda è destinato a crescere.

Aumenta l'efficacia IT per migliorare la consegna del servizio e la risoluzione dei problemi e rimanere proattivo verso le esigenze aziendali. Con il monitoraggio delle prestazioni applicative è possibile.

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La visibilità dei clienti a un livello
mai sperimentato finora

Gli strumenti di analisi dei dati Web sono indispensabili per l'e-commerce, eppure forniscono solo una visibilità parziale del cliente.

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Ridurre i costi operativi nel
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Prodotti in primo piano

La piattaforma Foglight

Alla base di tutti i prodotti di monitoraggio delle prestazioni Foglight vi è un'originale piattaforma adattiva che assicura una perfetta integrazione. Incoraggia la collaborazione tra i team attraverso una panoramica unica e condivisa sull'infrastruttura e sulle applicazioni del data center che contribuisce a creare un obiettivo comune.


Sfrutta al massimo i tuoi investimenti nelle nostre soluzioni per il monitoraggio delle prestazioni con le nostre comunità ricche di idee. Chiedi consigli agli esperti, collabora con i colleghi e accedi a video, podcast e blog istruttivi.


Business Wire
"The ability of Foglight to alert us to changes from the norm was a major selling point. Instead of feeding in hundreds of parameters, it automatically establishes baselines for our custom code and warns us when deviations occur. Immediately upon implementation we were receiving valuable, actionable information in more detail and faster than when we gathered it manually. The time to value is impressive."

Ranzo Taylor III,
Director of Global Data Operations,
Business Wire

EVP National Marketing
"Literally within an hour, Foglight was collecting and categorizing data, and we were able to find everything. Most other tools like this require an extensive learning process where you have to dedicate a top-notch staff member to go figure it out and get it all working, but Foglight worked seamlessly right out of the box."

Brian Garavuso,
EVP National Marketing & CIO
"Since implementing Foglight, we have reduced inefficiencies in the quote request section of the website by 20 to 30 percent. This result is really meaningful, because it is directly related to our core business. Inefficiencies such as customers hanging on for a long time with the call center, or with the website due to connection peaks, cost us tens of thousands of Euros per day. Foglight has allowed us to cut these losses and to get a rapid return on our investment."

Raffaele Penna
IT Infrastructure Manager

EVP National
"Foglight has continued to deliver the quick issue resolution that Diamond Resorts International expected, actually saving the time that would otherwise be required of one IT team member. Issues that used to require a day's work or more to diagnose are now often resolved in 30 minutes or less."

Brian Garavuso
EVP National Marketing & CIO

Wet Seal
"Foglight has also delivered significant productivity improvements for Wet Seal's IT staff, saving 40 hours a week of programming time by streamlining troubleshooting and enabling a proactive approach to application performance management. "Development staff used to spend a fair amount of time helping to identify and diagnose problems. With Foglight, we can turn that responsibility over to the network staff, knowing they can troubleshoot issues quickly. That extra savings has resulted in our applications getting into production faster because of fewer distractions and better quality, requiring less rework and user tests."

Greg Maxwell
E-Commerce Development Manager
Wet Seal

"As we used Foglight® [User Experience Monitoring] an epiphany came to us that this is transient, relevant data. IT's not simply a macro view of customer data, but dynamic, real-time data that can provide immediate analysis for our customers."

Gianni Cataldo
General Manager and Vice President of American Operations

Online Catalogue Retailer
"Before, the only way we found problems was when customers called us. Now, we are catching problems before the customer does. In fact, in most cases, we resolve the issue before the customer notices. It's making a difference."

VP of Client Relations
Online Catalogue Retailer

"As we built our global ERP system, we required a systematic monitoring system to efficiently manage resources and prevent failure. By deploying Quest Foglight, we were able to systematically control almost all of our IT resources and quicken our response to operational failures. As a result, we were able to handle general system risk management and prevent critical failures that might affect manufacturing, thus providing stable business support."

Byung-ock Park
Director of Information Strategy
Division at Mando

"What the product allowed us to do was actually complete the stream from the end user all the way back through the network — to be able to determine where the problem was. And many times, we would know about a problem before the end-user."

Chris Chianconebr
former Colorado Springs IT Manager
now CIO of McKinney

Darigold, Inc.
"Quest has not only helped us solve our performance problems; Quest has helped simplify our environment. Now we have one place to go to look for database or Linux problems: We go to the Foglight dashboards and then drill down using the Quest tools [Foglight]. With everything all in one place, we can get to the answers much more quickly and keep our users happy."

Clay Jackson
DBA Operations Manager
Darigold, Inc.

Home Box Office, Inc.
"Without Stat, we estimate that, due to other deliverables, it would have taken us two extra months to implement Oracle E-Business."

Dmitry Goodman
Senior Software Engineer
Home Box Office, Inc.

Papa John's International
"Our number one objective was to address audit/SOX compliance, which the product has accomplished. But we have also achieved approximately a 5% gain in productivity per year. This is directly related to rework avoidance, automated migrations, audit responses, reporting, and built-in workflows. A guesstimate for this would be $50,000 savings per year"

John Smith
Director of Applications Development
Papa John's International

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